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about 1625 Olof Olsson Glimsås Morlanda (O)
about 1625 Olof Persson
about 1625 Olof Rassmusson
about 1625 Olof Tollesson
about 1625 Olof Torbjörnsson
about 1625 Olug Olsdotter Mollösund (O)
about 1625 Per Börgesson
about 1625 Per Esbjörnsson Käringön Morlanda (O)
about 1625 Per Jonsson
about 1625 Per Matsson Rågårdsvik Morlanda (O)
about 1625 Per Nilsson Värbo Morlanda (O)
about 1625 Per Olsson
about 1625 Per Olsson Rågårdsvik Morlanda (O)
about 1625 Per Svenningsson Regert
about 1625 Per Torsson Barrevik Morlanda (O)
about 1625 Påvel Nilsson
about 1625 Påvel Skrädder
about 1625 Rassmus
about 1625 Rassmus Andersson Röd Skaftö Morlanda (O)
about 1625 Rassmus Håkansson
about 1625 Rassmus Jakobsson Fröjdendal Morlanda (O)
about 1625 Rassmus Olsson
about 1625 Rassmus Svensson
about 1625 Rear Olsson
about 1625 Reer Eriksson Torp (O)
about 1625 Roland Jonsson Barrevik Morlanda (O)
about 1625 Sante Andersson Hällevik mellangård Morlanda (O)
about 1625 Sara Mikkelsdotter
about 1625 Sigrid
about 1625 Sigrid Olsdotter Röd nedergård Morlanda (O)
about 1625 Simon Simonsson
about 1625 Sofia Andersdotter Värbo Morlanda (O)
about 1625 Sven Jakobsson
about 1625 Sven Olsson
about 1625 Sven Olsson
about 1625 Sven Persson
about 1625 Sven Torsson äldre
about 1625 Sven Trulsson
about 1625 Sören Nilsson Råön Morlanda (O)
about 1625 Tolle Larsson
about 1625 Tolle Rearsson Bjönni Morlanda (O)
about 1625 Tor Eriksson Huseby Morlanda (O)
about 1625 Tor Esbjörnsson Nösund Tegneby (O)
about 1625 Tor Jonsson
about 1625 Tor Jonsson
about 1625 Tor Svensson
about 1625 Torbjörn Berntsson
about 1625 Torbjörn Olsson
about 1625 Torbjörn Olsson Rålandsberg Morlanda (O)
about 1625 Torbjörn Trulsson Otterslätt Morlanda (O)
about 1625 Tron Svensson Gunnesbo Morlanda (O)
about 1625 Viking Halvardsson Gullberg Morlanda (O)
about 1625 Åsa Halvardsdotter Gullberg Morlanda (O)
about 1625 Åsa Svensdotter Köperöd Morlanda (O)
1626-01-06 Marta Olsdotter
1626 Olof Larsson Kärra Röra (O)
1627 Börta Knutsdotter Mollösund (O)
about 1627 Johan Eriksson Härmanö Morlanda (O)
about 1628 Mats Svensson Gunnesbo Morlanda (O)
about 1628 Olof Mårtensson Härmanö Morlanda (O)
about 1628 Åke Erlandsson Myckleby (O)
1629-10-31 Klas Brun Amsterdam Holland
about 1629 Börta Påvelsdotter Gullholmen Morlanda (O)
1629 Ingiehl Eriksdotter
about 1629 Sigrid Jönsdotter Vräland Långelanda (O)
about 1630 Anders Rassmusson
about 1630 Anna Olsdotter Varekil Stala (O)
about 1630 Boel Hansdotter Härmanö Morlanda (O)
about 1630 Börge Andersson Lalleröd Tegneby (O)
about 1630 Börge Larsson Valla (O)
about 1630 Börta Engebrektsdotter Hällesberg Stala (O)
about 1630 Cecilia Eriksdotter Edshult Morlanda (O)
1630 Elin Bengtsdotter Björnsund Morlanda (O)
about 1630 Elin Olsdotter Klövedal (O)
1630 Elisabet Jönsdotter Gullholmen Morlanda (O)
about 1630 Erik Jönsson Duus Rågårdsvik Morlanda (O)
about 1630 Gunilla Andersdotter Jörlanda (O)
about 1630 Gunilla Olsdotter Jörlanda (O)
about 1630 Guttorm Olsson Svanvik Morlanda (O)
about 1630 Harald Olsson Holm Tegneby (O)
about 1630 Helge Andersson Bro övergård Morlanda (O)
about 1630 Henrika Nilsdotter Marstrand (O)
1630 Jöns Engebrektsson
about 1630 Karin Eriksdotter Edshult Morlanda (O)
about 1630 Kristen Larsson Lysekil (O)
about 1630 N Olsdotter Livetorp Tegneby (O)
about 1630 Olof Jonsson Myckleby (O)
about 1630 Olof Olsson Björholmen Klövedal (O)
about 1630 Olof Rassmusson Hoga Stala (O)
about 1630 Olof Tollesson Gullholmen Morlanda (O)
about 1630 Olug Olsdotter Tyfta Stenkyrka (O)
about 1630 Rassmus Ambjörnsson Övre Dale Stala (O)
about 1630 Sören Simonsson
about 1630 Tolle Lassesson Torp Tegneby (O)
about 1630 Torborg Henriksdotter Tegneby (O)
1631-01-20 Anna Persdotter
1631-07-23 Sven Torstensson Stocken Morlanda (O)
1631-11-03 Dordi Eriksdotter
1631 Knut Bildt Morlanda Morlanda (O)
about 1632 Anders Olsson

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