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Olivia Konstantia Corneliusson 1854-11-30 Gullholmen (O)
Olivia Konstantia Olsdotter 1855-08-06 Käringön (O)
Olivia Konstantia Olsdotter 1862-05-03 Käringön (O)
Olivia Konstantia Olsdotter 1863-06-20 Käringön (O)
Olivia Konstantia Olsdotter 1879-10-26 Långelanda (O)
Olivia Konstantia Wunsch 1864-05-03 Mollösund (O)
Olivia Kristiansdotter 1844-10-23 Gåsön Morlanda (O)
Olivia Kristina Abrahamsdotter 1856-09-30 Boxvik Tegneby (O)
Olivia Kristina Augustdotter 1852-10-13 Röd nordgård Morlanda (O)
Olivia Kristina Augustdotter 1866-07-21 Röra (O)
Olivia Kristina Jansdotter 1871-09-24 Äskekärr Morlanda (O)
Olivia Kristina Matsdotter 1829-10-27 Ellös Morlanda (O)
Olivia Kristina Olsdotter 1866-05-20 Grundsund (O)
Olivia Kristina Rodén 1868-11-29 Mollösund (O)
Olivia Kristina Svensson 1879-09-07 Stocken Morlanda (O)
Olivia Kristina Örnberg 1861-04-26 Tegneby (O)
Olivia Larsdotter 1843-09-24 Gullholmen (O)
Olivia Larsdotter 1848-06-08 Tofta Morlanda (O)
Olivia Larsdotter 1854-09-01 Fiskebäckskil (O)
Olivia Larsson 1882-07-29 Råön Morlanda (O)
Olivia Leontina Karlsson 1877-09-20 Gullholmen (O)
Olivia Lovisa Larsdotter 1833-04-06 Bäcken Morlanda (O)
Olivia Magdalena Larsdotter 1862-08-06 Islandsberg Morlanda (O)
Olivia Margareta Emanuelsson 1868-08-07 Fossa Morlanda (O)
Olivia Maria Andersdotter 1858-11-15 Mollösund (O)
Olivia Maria Andersdotter Nilsson 1850-07-16 Hälla Tegneby (O)
Olivia Maria Hansson 1888-01-30 Tången Morlanda (O)
Olivia Maria Jakobsdotter 1875-04-01 Svineviken Röra (O)
Olivia Maria Johansson 1882-11-19 Glimsås Morlanda (O)
Olivia Maria Martinsdotter 1875-05-20 Bäcken Morlanda (O)
Olivia Maria Olsdotter 1854-07-18 Käringön (O)
Olivia Maria Olsdotter 1857-10-18 Käringön (O)
Olivia Maria Olsdotter 1882-10-30 Bro nedergård Morlanda (O)
Olivia Martina Andersson 1871-08-26 Mollösund (O)
Olivia Martina Johansson 1893-07-20 Lavö västergård Morlanda (O)
Olivia Matilda Abrahamsdotter 1851-01-06 Böckervik Morlanda (O)
Olivia Matilda Andersdotter 1867-08-14 Malön Morlanda (O)
Olivia Matilda Berntsdotter 1851-06-30 Mollösund (O)
Olivia Matilda Isaksdotter 1854-07-15 Mollösund (O)
Olivia Matilda Isaksson 1876-01-08 Mollösund (O)
Olivia Matilda Johansdotter 1852-01-19 Stora Stuveröd Morlanda (O)
Olivia Matilda Larsdotter 1846-11-22 Kungsviken Morlanda (O)
Olivia Matilda Larsdotter 1854-07-29 Lunden Morlanda (O)
Olivia Matilda Niklasdotter 1857-09-27 Glimsås Morlanda (O)
Olivia Matilda Olsdotter 1867-06-09 Härbjörneröd Morlanda (O)
Olivia Matilda Samuelsdotter 1857-05-10 Skeppstala Tegneby (O)
Olivia Matilda Säfström 1847-12-01 Fröjdendalshall Morlanda (O)
Olivia Matsdotter 1837-03-19 Grundsund (O)
Olivia Niklasdotter 1849-12-21 Grundsund (O)
Olivia Niklasdotter 1860-06-04 Myckleby (O)
Olivia Nikolina Jansdotter 1879-12-18 Gullixeröd Morlanda (O)
Olivia Nikolina Jansson 1880-04-22 Bua Morlanda (O)
Olivia Nikolina Nilsson 1891-05-08 Grundsund Skaftö (O)
Olivia Nilsdotter 1848-08-17 Grundsund (O)
Olivia Nilsson 1880-04-09 Gullholmen (O)
Olivia Olausdotter 1854-10-09 Rönnäng (O)
Olivia Olsdotter 1841-06-23 Gullholmen (O)
Olivia Olsdotter 1843-06-24 Kila Morlanda (O)
Olivia Olsdotter 1843-07-09 Gullholmen (O)
Olivia Olsdotter 1846-11-30 Gåsön Morlanda (O)
Olivia Olsdotter 1847-07-30 Fiskebäckskil (O)
Olivia Olsdotter 1851-06-02 Bua Morlanda (O)
Olivia Olsdotter 1852-03-14 Gullholmen (O)
Olivia Olsdotter 1853-09-17 Stocken Morlanda (O)
Olivia Olsdotter 1855-08-13 Stockevik Morlanda (O)
Olivia Olsdotter 1863-07-01 Långelanda (O)
Olivia Olsdotter 1863-10-14 Gullholmen (O)
Olivia Olsdotter 1868-02-15 Tegneby (O)
Olivia Olsdotter Lange 1801-07-15 Gullholmen (O)
Olivia Paulina Pettersson 1866-06-08 Marstrand (O)
Olivia Persdotter 1852-01-27 Edshultshall Morlanda (O)
Olivia Persson 1878-11-22 Fiskebäckskil (O)
Olivia Pettersson 1868-07-20 Gullholmen (O)
Olivia Samuelsdotter 1866-04-24 Tofta Morlanda (O)
Olivia Samuelsdotter 1867-05-12 Tofta Morlanda (O)
Olivia Samuelsson 1891-04-30 Bäcken Morlanda (O)
Olivia Sofia Assmundsson 1855-10-07 Mollösund (O)
Olivia Sofia Johansdotter 1863-09-11 Mollösund (O)
Olivia Sofia Larsdotter 1854-07-20 Mollösund (O)
Olivia Sofia Olsdotter 1875-11-30 Stora Grönskult Morlanda (O)
Olivia Sofia Pettersdotter 1840-06-11 Otterslätt Morlanda (O)
Olivia Sofia Vikström 1859-07-07 Fiskebäckskil (O)
Olivia Svensdotter 1858-01-21 Stockevik Morlanda (O)
Olivia Sörensson 1887-09-07 Grundsund (O)
Olivia Teodora Henriksson 1888-10-18 Stora Grönskult Skaftö (O)
Olivia Teresia Kihlman 1886-09-09 Käringön (O)
Olivia Tobiasdotter 1854-10-20 Fiskebäckskil (O)
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Olof ... about 1505
Olof ... about 1505
Olof ... about 1505
Olof ... about 1505
Olof ... about 1505
Olof ... about 1505
Olof ... about 1505
Olof ... about 1505

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