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Flatön Morlanda (O) Maria Larsdotter 1810-01-08
Flatön Morlanda (O) Maria Olsdotter 1769-04-22
Flatön Morlanda (O) Marta Henriksdotter 1826-03-14
Flatön Morlanda (O) Martin Eliasson 1837-05-16
Flatön Morlanda (O) Martin Henriksson 1819-10-05
Flatön Morlanda (O) Nils Andreasson 1800-03-31
Flatön Morlanda (O) Nils Johansson 1817-11-25
Flatön Morlanda (O) Nils Larsson 1816-02-17
Flatön Morlanda (O) Nils Larsson 1835-01-06
Flatön Morlanda (O) Nils Olsson 1815-07-30
Flatön Morlanda (O) Nisella Katarina Eliasdotter 1833-08-04
Flatön Morlanda (O) Olena Andreasdotter 1833-11-24
Flatön Morlanda (O) Olof Arvidsson 1832-07-25
Flatön Morlanda (O) Olof Johansson 1823-11-27
Flatön Morlanda (O) Olof Larsson 1813-05-25
Flatön Morlanda (O) Olof Martin Andreasson 1838-09-20
Flatön Morlanda (O) Olof Persson Sundberg 1789-10-03
Flatön Morlanda (O) Olof Rassmusson 1793-11-15
Flatön Morlanda (O) Olof Rassmusson 1798-05-24
Flatön Morlanda (O) Oskar Ludvig Larsson 1880-12-08
Flatön Morlanda (O) Per Andersson 1787-02-22
Flatön Morlanda (O) Per Jonsson 1752-05-04
Flatön Morlanda (O) Per Persson 1797-06-07
Flatön Morlanda (O) Rangela Torsdotter 1700
Flatön Morlanda (O) Rutger Jonasson 1818-08-14
Flatön Morlanda (O) Samuel Johansson 1822-03-08
Flatön Morlanda (O) Samuel Johansson 1835-05-14
Flatön Morlanda (O) Simon Andersson 1821-09-30
Flatön Morlanda (O) Simon Engebrektsson 1765-05-26
Flatön Morlanda (O) Sofia Eliasdotter 1834-12-20
Flatön Morlanda (O) Sofia Johanna Henriksdotter 1814-02-15
Flatön Morlanda (O) Sofia Johanna Johansdotter 1827-01-09
Flatön Morlanda (O) Sofia Johansdotter 1836-09-01
Flatön Morlanda (O) Sven Nilsson 1762-06-08
Flatön Morlanda (O) Sven Persson 1668
Flatön Morlanda (O) Tor Olsson 1733-08-16
Fläskum Tegneby (O) Abraham Andersson 1824-03-13
Fläskum Tegneby (O) Anna Jönsdotter 1750-06-12
Fläskum Tegneby (O) Bengta Jönsdotter 1715
Fläskum Tegneby (O) Bernt Jönsson 1713
Fläskum Tegneby (O) Inger Jönsdotter 1760-04-16
Fläskum Tegneby (O) Jakob Larsson 1785-10-29
Fläskum Tegneby (O) Johanna Larsdotter 1795-05-25
Fläskum Tegneby (O) Jon Jönsson 1740
Fläskum Tegneby (O) Kerstin Jönsdotter 1720
Fläskum Tegneby (O) Kerstin Jönsdotter 1743
Fläskum Tegneby (O) Kristina Larsdotter 1792-08-10
Fläskum Tegneby (O) Lars Jönsson 1746
Fläskum Tegneby (O) Per Jönsson 1735
Fossa Morlanda (O) Abraham Berntsson 1815-11-11
Fossa Morlanda (O) Abraham Bolin 1817-12-04
Fossa Morlanda (O) Agda Kristina Boman 1881-09-13
Fossa Morlanda (O) Albert Emanuel Henriksson 1873-05-10
Fossa Morlanda (O) Albertina Cornelia Hansdotter 1853-09-26
Fossa Morlanda (O) Alida Kristina Henriksson 1882-08-31
Fossa Morlanda (O) Alma Kristina Pettersson 1879-07-10
Fossa Morlanda (O) Amalia Andersdotter 1845-06-10
Fossa Morlanda (O) Amalia Johansdotter 1830-03-16
Fossa Morlanda (O) Amalia Kristina Amandusdotter 1872-10-10
Fossa Morlanda (O) Amanda Charlotta Fossberg 1851-05-14
Fossa Morlanda (O) Amanda Josefina Boman 1879-09-21
Fossa Morlanda (O) Anders Berntsson 1804-08-10
Fossa Morlanda (O) Anders Bolin 1830-04-04
Fossa Morlanda (O) Anders Ludvig Amandusson 1870-12-06
Fossa Morlanda (O) Anders Nilsson 1824-02-21
Fossa Morlanda (O) Anders Olsson about 1643
Fossa Morlanda (O) Anna Andersdotter 1834-09-14
Fossa Morlanda (O) Anna Beata Johansdotter 1868-04-25
Fossa Morlanda (O) Anna Bernhardina Evander 1875-12-31
Fossa Morlanda (O) Anna Britta Nilsdotter 1828-07-17
Fossa Morlanda (O) Anna Helena Johansdotter 1831-07-13
Fossa Morlanda (O) Anna Katarina Orreus 1824-07-19
Fossa Morlanda (O) Anna Kristina Berntsdotter 1814-11-23
Fossa Morlanda (O) Anna Maria Bolin 1813-11-14
Fossa Morlanda (O) Anna Maria Olsson 1884-04-11
Fossa Morlanda (O) Anna Olivia Johansson 1879-12-14
Fossa Morlanda (O) Anna Stina Berntsdotter 1819-02-01
Fossa Morlanda (O) Anton Hansson 1858-10-21
Fossa Morlanda (O) Anton Henriksson Eklund 1835-03-06
Fossa Morlanda (O) Augusta Gustavsdotter 1861-10-09
Fossa Morlanda (O) Augusta Larsdotter 1833-07-27
Fossa Morlanda (O) Axel Ludvig Fossberg 1860-12-08
Fossa Morlanda (O) Axel Ludvig Larsson 1876-07-12
Fossa Morlanda (O) Bernhardina Andersdotter 1842-11-20
Fossa Morlanda (O) Britta Maja Gustavsdotter 1855-02-20
Fossa Morlanda (O) Britta Maria Jakobsdotter 1831-01-27
Fossa Morlanda (O) Cecilia Andersdotter 1837-04-21
Fossa Morlanda (O) Emelia Josefina Emanuelsdotter 1865-07-15
Fossa Morlanda (O) Gustav Albert Gustavsson 1870-06-15
Fossa Morlanda (O) Gustav Johan Berntsson 1812-07-26
Fossa Morlanda (O) Gustav Nilsson 1827-02-20
Fossa Morlanda (O) Gustava Karolina Gustavsson 1864-12-03
Fossa Morlanda (O) Gustava Karolina Johansdotter 1869-10-13
Fossa Morlanda (O) Hans Jakob Berntsson 1810-07-22
Fossa Morlanda (O) Harald Justinus Ödman 1883-09-25
Fossa Morlanda (O) Helena Berntsdotter 1806-07-27
Fossa Morlanda (O) Helena Charlotta Johansson 1867-12-06
Fossa Morlanda (O) Henrik Andersson 1685
Fossa Morlanda (O) Henrik Oskar Henriksson 1870-10-29
Fossa Morlanda (O) Hilda Augusta Gustavsdotter 1857-02-07

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