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Getrilla Morlanda (O) Johan Svensson 1821-10-10
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Johan Svensson 1834-01-18
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Johanna Andersdotter 1756-12-15
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Johanna Andersdotter 1758-04-21
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Johanna Lovisa Andersdotter 1844-09-04
Getrilla Morlanda (O) John Herman Johansson 1881-09-26
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Julia Kristina Johansdotter 1860-04-15
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Jöns Andersson 1740-01-30
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Jöns Andersson 1742-11-18
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Karl August Finnström 1860-03-11
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Karl August Johansson 1862-03-31
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Karl Oskar Olsson 1872-07-24
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Karolina Fredrika Dahlborg 1853-02-17
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Katarina Andersdotter 1756-12-15
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Katarina Johansdotter 1864-11-20
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Katarina Josefina Johansdotter 1875-02-09
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Kerstin Andersdotter 1723-09-03
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Knut Vincent Bildt 1867-02-14
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Kristian Svensson 1831-06-12
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Kristina Eriksson 1873-07-06
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Kristina Jakobsdotter 1793-05-07
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Kristina Maria Dahlborg 1862-04-03
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Lars Anundsson 1772-08-13
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Lars Jönsson 1822-11-16
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Lars Olsson 1699-07-10
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Lovisa Johansson 1869-08-08
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Malena Jakobsdotter 1796-10-21
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Malin Olsdotter 1690
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Margareta Larsdotter 1788-01-01
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Maria Andersdotter 1738-06-27
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Mariana Jönsdotter 1825-01-14
Getrilla Morlanda (O) N Björnsdotter about 1655
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Niklas Henrik Johansson Rör 1820-06-22
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Nils Olsson 1690
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Olof Henrik Larsson 1835-04-23
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Olof Mauritz Olsson 1886-09-22
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Otto Edvin Olsson 1893-11-08
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Otto Stefanus Svensson 1837-04-29
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Per Jakobsson 1780-12-07
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Petter Persson 1762-07-07
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Sivert Björnsson about 1655
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Sofia Fredrika Bildt 1857-02-11
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Sofia Johansdotter 1867-03-28
Getrilla Morlanda (O) Tobias Olsson 1777-01-13
Getterum Hjorted (H) Johan Persson Holmberg 1739-01-09
Getterum Hjorted (H) Per Månsson 1704-08-21
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Anders Helgesson 1756
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Anna Britta Hermansdotter 1850-12-14
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Anna Nilsdotter about 1605
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Bengt Olsson 1750
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Cecilia Bengtsdotter 1788-03-28
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Elin Olsdotter 1722
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Elin Olsdotter 1740
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Helena Olsdotter 1720
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Helge Henriksson 1715
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Henrik Helgesson 1766-06-04
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Ingeborg Jakobsdotter 1760
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Ingeborg Rearsdotter 1690
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Ingrid Kristensdotter 1708-04-03
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Johan Jakobsson 1845-04-01
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Johan Samuelsson 1841-09-06
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Jöns Olsson Gillberg 1754
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Karin Andersdotter 1799-03-28
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Karolina Johansdotter 1836-06-24
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Kerstin Helgesdotter 1746
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Kerstin Nilsdotter 1754
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Kerstin Rearsdotter 1680
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Kristen Bengtsson 1790-04-16
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Kristen Kristensson 1661
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Kristen Nilsson about 1600
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Malena Jönsdotter 1792
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Margareta Nilsdotter 1751-04-01
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Niklas Olsson 1844-11-27
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Nils Henriksson 1712
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Nils Kristensson about 1570
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Nils Kristensson about 1645
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Nils Nilsson 1742
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Nils Nilsson 1768-04-07
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Nils Olsson 1715
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Olof Bengtsson 1725
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Olof Olsson 1805-04-18
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Petter Helgesson Hellberg 1777-01-10
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Rear Kristensson 1646
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Relf Henriksson 1704
Gilleby Tegneby (O) Sigrid Kristensdotter 1690
Glimsås Morlanda (O) Abraham Elieser Abrahamsson 1876-07-21
Glimsås Morlanda (O) Agnes Matilda Henriksson 1874-08-03
Glimsås Morlanda (O) Albertina Beata Persson 1864-03-03
Glimsås Morlanda (O) Albin Gustavsson 1869-03-17
Glimsås Morlanda (O) Albin Selmer Andersson 1851-05-29
Glimsås Morlanda (O) Alida Charlotta Kristiansson 1875-11-20
Glimsås Morlanda (O) Alida Cornelia Kristiansson 1876-08-23
Glimsås Morlanda (O) Alma Charlotta Olsson 1864-04-04
Glimsås Morlanda (O) Alma Johanna Johansson 1884-11-07
Glimsås Morlanda (O) Alma Kristina Niklasdotter 1876-12-10
Glimsås Morlanda (O) Alma Sofia Abrahamsdotter 1869-03-15
Glimsås Morlanda (O) Amanda Justina Olsson 1860-05-04
Glimsås Morlanda (O) Amanda Justina Olsson 1874-01-22
Glimsås Morlanda (O) Anders Andersson 1765-01-23
Glimsås Morlanda (O) Anders Ludvig Johannesson 1883-05-11

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