Gunilla Klementsdotter
born about 1625, dead about 1685
Gunilla Klementsdotter
b. about 1625
Röd nedergård
Morlanda (O)
d. about 1685
Morlanda (O)

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b. about 1565
Varekil, Stala (O)
d. about 1625
Röd, Morlanda (O)

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Gunilla Klementsdotter, born about 1625 in Röd nedergård, Morlanda (O), dead about 1685 in Hällevik, Morlanda (O).

Married to
Sante Andersson, born about 1625 in Hällevik mellangård, Morlanda (O), dead about 1674 in Hällevik, Morlanda (O).

N Santesdotter, born about 1655, dead after 1700

Married to
Tolle Olsson, born about 1635 in Hällevik nedergård, Morlanda (O), dead about 1701 in Hällevik, Morlanda (O).

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